• image1 Un chalet elvetian de vanzare pe Semenic
  • image2 Constructie solida, din piatra, in stilul epocii
  • image3 Cel mai frumos hotel din statiunea cu cea mai multa zapada


Central Hotel and Restaurant in Semenic, prestigious landmark of the Romanian ski resort

  Central Hotel and Restaurant in Semenic resort (or Costeanu Cabin, as known by the locals) is the oldest hotel in the area and enriches, with its Swiss chalet appearance, the atmosphere of the resort.

  Built in 1936 by Romulus Costeanu (left, photographed in the parking of the hotel, 1940s) and his son, Eng. Alexandru Costeanu (in the image below, with his wife, Lucretia Costeanu, relaxing in front of the hotel, 1940s), the hotel was the heart of Semenic, by then already a flourishing resort for skiing and hiking.

    Central Hotel was confiscated in 1948 by the communist state and, after a long Kafkian experience with the Romanian justice system, it was finally gave back, in 2012, to the Costeanu family, together with its land plot (17,763 sqm).

  We, the owners, the Costeanu family, wish to return this hotel to the tourist circuit. But only in ways that restore its former glory, while providing skiers, jazz aficionados or Semenic fans the normal conditions they probably met in austrian mountain resorts. This transformation needs experts in hotel industry. This is why we are searching for an experienced partner who wishes and is able to manage this hotel, with the posibility, now or in time, to buy the property. Specific conditions here.

  For the moment, and, we hope, for a short while, the hotel is closed.